7 Things You Should Not Be Sorry About

7 Things You Should Not Be Sorry About

Very often, we are programmed to say sorry or feel guilty and apologetic for things that make others upset. While it is agreeable to apologize when you have deliberately or intentionally hurt someone, many modern and practical women question the usage of the word ‘sorry’ when they are made to use it for things that are not even in their control.

In fact, even if they are in our control, why should one be sorry for the kind of tastes and preferences that they have? It’s time to break age-old baseless conventions and stop making yourself look like the weak party all the time. Listed here are a few things that you should never be sorry about.

1. For refusing sex

It’s your body; it’s your vagina! You have all the right to say no to offers of sex when you are disinterested in it. Nobody cannot or should not be forcing you to have sex and undergo physical discomfort when you are not in the mood.

2. For not waxing

Which scripture or book in the world says that women will die if they don’t wax? Or which law says that women need to be waxed at all times or else they would be imprisoned? It’s your body, and until and unless your body hair is causing problems to you and you alone, there is absolutely no need to go get it removed only for some men to look at you.

3. For being career-oriented

If you have made your relationships or marriage plans take a backseat simply because you feel that the time is not right, or that your career demands more attention right now, you should not feel guilty about it. Being career-oriented is a choice that you have made because it truly makes you happy, and you should not be answerable to anyone but yourself about when and how your career is progressing or what all you need to sacrifice for it.

4. For saying no to family plans

Your in-laws and parents might expect you to have kids by a certain age, but only you should have the right to decide when you want to give birth to a child. It’s your body and your life, after all! Moreover, only you yourself will know whether or not you can take up the responsibility of a child. So never be sorry for being a woman who has been married for long and does not have kids. It’s completely okay!

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