6 Good Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

6 Good Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

Humans have long passed the stage when food was a necessity to stay alive. These days we eat for a host of reasons. We eat when we celebrate, we eat when we are happy and we eat when we are sad. We also try to compensate for our losses with food. If you find yourself heading to the fridge every time you are bored, sad or at a loss, you should know that you have become a victim of emotional eating. Emotional eating is pretty bad as you do not have a check on what you are eating and you tend to binge. Binge eating leads to severe weight fluctuations and can make you sick. Eating does not solve your emotional problems and you should stop eating every time your mood dictates it. Here are some tips to stop emotional eating.

1. Picture yourself as this huge person unable to move every time you succumb to emotional eating

The power of the mind cannot be discounted; every time you head to the fridge or a restaurant picture yourself as this huge person who is unable to move or do anything. This image should be good to stop you from emotional eating.

2. Do something else

If you are prone to emotional eating and you know it, start doing something else. Do something productive, creative or interesting. Anything that would take your mind off the emotional state you are in. You can start painting, sewing or take up reading instead of finding comfort in food.

3. Go for a walk every time you have the urge to eat

If you are feeling low and want to find comfort in food, you should try and head out for a walk. Going out and getting some fresh air will take your mind off of food. Doing it for a long time will also help you develop this into a habit and prevent you from emotional eating again.

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