5 Things to Melt Your Partner’s Heart on Valentine’s Day

Things to Melt Your Partner's Heart on Valentine's Day

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day and you try to do your best to make your partner’s heart melt on that day. You think Valentine’s Day and the immediate picture that pops into your head are the flowers, cards, gifts and chocolates. It is what you do with these things and how you go about making them feel special counts. Instead of making it a routine affair by doing what everyone else does, you can do something different and make your partner’s heart melt on Valentine’s Day. Here are some things you can give and do to make your partner’s heart melt on Valentine’s Day.

1. Make your partner’s heat melt with some melting chocolate

What sounds better? A box of chocolate or a chocolate covered you? Your partner’s heart is likely to skip a beat and melt all over when you stand out there all covered with chocolate and ready to be devoured. If you do not want to feel all sticky, you can always undress your partner and pour chocolate on them and have a very sticky lovely night.

2. Do something extra special

Your partner may have always asked you for something. It could be accompanying them to a book reading, watching a game or even try something new in bed. Do this on thing that they always wanted you to do on Valentine’s Day. This gesture from you will surely make their heart melt.

3. Pamper them rotten

Pamper them rotten on this day and make them feel like they are the only person in the whole planet. Be oblivious to everything and everyone else on Valentine’s Day and make it all about your partner. Your partner’s heart will definitely melt knowing that he or she is the number one in your life.

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