10 Clothes that Make You Look Thinner

10 Clothes that Make You Look Thinner

There are a lot of women trying to lose weight. They follow strict diet plans and work out regimes to lose those extra pounds. All these efforts can surely help you lose weight, but they are time consuming. These practices don’t bring out results quickly. You may want to attend a special event but look leaner for it. Dieting and work out won’t help you in case you have this special event within a week. So, the question is what can help you look thinner on this special day? The answer is, clothes! Some specific clothing items can give you a thinner look. Here are some simple ideas for garments which will help you look lean.

1. Right kind of undergarments

Firstly, it is important to set the foundation correctly. So, choose the right kind of undergarments. Don’t wear undergarments that are baggy or too tight. This is a very important step when it comes to selecting a bra. The right type of bra helps you shape your silhouette. It can keep your chest in check, giving it a beautiful but natural shape. A good bra can also define your waist. You must avoid bras that flatten your breasts completely. Along with this, you must not go for bras with styles that allow your bust to sag. If you want to look in shape while keeping your excess weight in check, then try a body shaper. These undergarments will tighten your stomach and thighs to give them a smoother look. Wearing the wrong undergarments can not only make you look bad but they can also drop your self confidence.

2. Nylon stockings with a slimming top

A lot of summer dresses look great with nylon stockings. You can buy a pair of black nylon stockings that come with slimming features. Some stockings feature a thick layer at their top, designed to stretch over your stomach to keep it in place and to prevent jiggling, such stockings create a smoother look. They also make your dress look more flattering.

3. Tees and tops with V-neck

Round shaped necks can make you look fuller. So, you must pick clothes with a V-neck style. You can try some tees, tops and dresses having neck styles other than the round one.

4. Right sized clothes

Visit a mall and find out your correct size by trying on different clothing items. Wearing a garment that’s too lose or too tight is really not a good idea. You must alter your old clothes if they are tight or lose for you.

5. Clothes that define your body shape

You must avoid tops and jackets that have a straight box like cut. Such a cut will make you look like a big rectangle. It can make you look heavier than you are. So, pick clothes that define your body shape.

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