5 Rules for Drinking on the First Date

5 Rules for Drinking on the First Date

The first date is the most decisive point for a relationship. Therefore a little care has to be taken to ensure that you blow the guy away with your attractiveness and great manners leaving him wanting to know more of you. Apart from looks, general manners and the topics which you should choose to talk about, drinking etiquettes are equally necessary for the success of your first date. Listed here are some rules for drinking on the first date.

1. Don’t use alcohol to get rid of nervousness

Feeling nervous? Don’t use alcohol to calm your nerves. Nervousness is very common at during first dates and most women think that drinking alcohol quickly will help them gather the nerves. However, this is not so. Instead of taking the help of alcohol, you should instead try talking to your date as the nervousness will vanish the moment you’ll strike a genuinely engaging conversation with him. So drop the idea of alcohol and instead focus on him.

2. Only order the drink that you are familiar with

Don’t dare to try some new drink as you never know what kind of effects it may have on you. Make the date just about yourself and him and not alcohol. Order high content alcohol drinks only if you have had them earlier.

3. Hold your drink

If you have ordered some alcohol, make sure you drink it very slowly, in small amounts and don’t gulp it down quickly. Remember your main motive is to get to know the other person. Don’t leave an impression that cocktails are more engaging for you than your date.

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