7 Things You should not Tell Your Husband

Things You should not Tell Your Husband

Marriage is about transparency and open communication, but there are some things you should not tell your hubby. You read that right. Some secrets should be in your heart forever. This would actually help to increase your love and strengthen your relationship. Read ahead to know some things you should not tell your husband.

1. About your ex

Do not tell your husband that your ex boyfriend would have done something better. Do not mention about your feelings you had for your ex. This could be the turning point in your relationship. If you compare your hubby to your ex in an argument, chances are it may hurt him a lot. So, don’t get your past in your present.

2. About your discontent

Don’t tell your spouse “you never ever do it right”. This statement is simple, but the meaning is too deep. If you tell this, you are indirectly affecting his morale. You are making him weak emotionally. Instead, you must be affirmative at all times. If need be, tell him indirectly about his behavior. Direct taunting also affects your relationship.

3. About his friends

Talking about his friends all the time could also be a sensitive thing. When you talk against his friends, it would directly affect him. It is possible that he would feel bad. If you need to say something about his friends, then tell him in a pleasant manner.

4. About his family

Do not compare your spouse to his mother or father even in the worst argument. There is no need to involve his parents in your personal arguments. If you do so, then it would definitely affect him badly. This is like a turn off in a relationship. There has to be some respect from your end.

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