8 Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Are you a fussy eater? Do you make faces looking at veggies? Do you dislike the taste of veggies? If you are not a conventional vegetable lover, then have your veggies in different forms. Listed here are some easy ways to eat more vegetables.

1. Blend them in sauces

An easy way to eat veggies is to blend them in different purées and sauces. For instance, spinach or carrot can be consumed along with your regular pasta. Just blend the two and mix it up with usual herbs. Make purées and add lots of flavor to change the taste of your veggies. You will still get the goodness of natural vitamins and minerals.

2. Make veggie spreads

Have you tried the yummy avocado spread on your toast? If you haven’t, then you must try it once. Make dips and spreads using veggies. Add some seasoning or cheese in the dips to enhance the taste. You will not regret having yummy spreads if you make them tasty. Just make a small effort from your end.

3. Make vegetable pancakes

Move over from sweet pancakes and try the vegetable pancakes instead. In your regular pancake mixture, add grated and shredded veggies such as carrots, potato and other veggies. Have this yummy pancake with your favorite dip or spread. You will love this variation as well!

4. Bake some muffins

Vegetable muffins have already caught the fancy of many people. Vegetable muffins are relished by children as well. Experiment with lots of veggies in vegetable muffins. The most used veggies are zucchini and carrot. Add sweet potato and other green veggies to make it interesting. This is the most fun and attractive way to have your veggies. Who would say no to yummy muffins?

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