5 Safe Exercises to Do During Pregnancy

Safe Exercises to Do During Pregnancy

A lot of women let themselves go when they are pregnant. They give in to their cravings or morning sicknesses and either eat too much or stay in bed all the time. There is also the myth that a woman should not inconvenience herself a lot when she is pregnant. Although it is true that she should not stress herself a lot during the first trimester, it also does not mean that she cannot do any exercise. If you are pregnant and had been exercising all your life, you can still continue, only decrease it a little so as to not stress the fetus and yourself. If you have not exercised before, pregnancy is a good time to start doing some mild exercises as it decreases your chances of developing gestational diabetes and also keeps you healthy, strong and gives you the strength to go through labor and any other physical complications that can occur during the delivery. Here are some safe exercises you can do when you are pregnant.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to exercise when you are pregnant. Since you are floating, a lot of weight is taken off your legs and back. You also get to work out the whole of your body without straining yourself. If it tires you, use less of your legs and float as much as you can. Swimming is the safest exercise to do when you are pregnant.

2. Walking

Set your pace, and walk as much as you can when you are pregnant. Do not walk too fast and perspire a lot. The goal is to get some exercise done and not lose weight. Take your dog out for a walk or just go for a walk by yourself. Your walk should calm you down and not give you stress.

3. Tennis and racquetball

These games are good to play when you are pregnant. But do not play in a competitive mode and remember that you are pregnant and don’t risk too many sudden movements and power shots. Keep the game slow and easy and move around the ground without running too hard.

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