4 Signs You are Playing Mind Games With Your Partner

4 Signs You are Playing Mind Games With Your Partner

All those who are in a relationship often end up playing mind games with their partners, intentionally or unintentionally. Interestingly, mind games are part of every relationship and it is somewhat acceptable during the initial stages of a relationship when it is confined only to flirting or expressing interest in someone else. However, it becomes dangerous and unhealthy for a relationship once it becomes serious. So, if you wish to keep your relationship intact and flourishing, look out for the early signs of manipulative mind games that you may be playing with your partner and try avoiding them, if possible. Read on to know what early signs of manipulative mind games are.

1. You play difficult to reach

If you are one of those who sends ‘I am interested signal’ to your partner, but the moment your partner responds, you tend to hide in your shell. This type of behavior often comes out of insecurity especially if you have had a bad relationship before. You love your partner, but you are scared to lose him/her. Your partner may lose interest in you as he will see no scope for progress in a relationship with you. He may feel that he is wasting his time and energy running behind you and uselessly investing emotionally in you.

2. You keep your partner waiting

Do you enjoy keeping your partner waiting for hours or even days on end? If yes, it’s a sign that something somewhere is wrong! Most of us often enjoy keeping our partners waiting by not answering their calls or responding to their SMSs. Many of us even do so to avoid being seemed as someone very eager or excited. So, if you too have been playing this game to evoke a sense of mystery around you, you need to know when exactly to stop before it’s too late. This tactic to gain additional attention might backfire with no attention at all. Your partner may feel that since you don’t even care to respond back to him/her, you are not even worth the attention you are getting.

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