Top Tips To Follow If You Are Traveling During Pregnancy

Top Tips To Follow If You Are Traveling During Pregnancy

No woman in today’s world postpones her official travel or holidays owing to pregnancy, although they restrict traveling after the second trimester. The second trimester is normally the safest time for travel. There are however some precautions that need to be taken for your and your baby’s safety. It is always better to avoid risks in order to have a smooth pregnancy. Here are a few tips that you must follow if you’re planning to travel during your pregnancy.

    1. Plan your trip after consulting your doctor

    Book the tickets for your trip only after your GP/OB-GYN approves of your journey, which is when he/she thinks you’re fit enough to go on a long distance travel. Besides that, you must ensure that you pack the following things.

    • Emergency names and phone numbers of people you want to contact.
    • Copy of your pre-natal card which includes details like your age, last menstrual period, due date, details of your previous pregnancies, risk factors, ultra-sound and lab tests and your medical history.
    • All the necessary medications such as vitamins and prescribed medicines that you would need during the trip.
    • Prescriptions for all the medicines you are carrying, so that when your baggage is checked, you can show the officials the prescriptions against all your medicines. While packing all the required medicines, ensure that you pack the original containers, especially in case of prescription medicines. If your bags are frisked, the officials will know that you are not using any medicine without prescription.
    • 2. Get a local doctor’s contact number

      You must also ask your doctor for the contact number of a doctor in the place you’re planning to visit, just in case of an emergency.

      3. Be careful about the food you eat

      Since you are bound to feel hungry most of the times during pregnancy, carry some healthy snacks. Avoid junk food. Eat healthy, because during this stage you are not just feeding yourself but are also feeding the baby that is growing inside you. You obviously don’t want to feed the baby with unhealthy junk at such an early stage! Drink boiled, warm water. If that is not possible, then drink bottled water especially if you are going to a place where chances of contracting water-borne diseases are high. Eat cooked food and avoid raw, uncooked or partly cooked food, especially salads. This is because uncooked food contains a large number of disease causing organisms. By consuming raw food, you are increasing the chances of suffering from food poisoning which is a strict no-no at this stage.

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