Top 7 Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Seven Top Benefits Of Drinking Tea

When a friend suggested going to a new tea joint down the road, I became grumpy. I refused to budge from my usual coffee place – I love my caffeine! She was determined to take me there; and I was determined not to go. Well, that was 7 months back. I am totally converted. Let this ex-coffee addict tell you why tea is not only super cool, but has other added benefits too.

1. Varieties that will never bore you

I’ve been living with the pleasure of taking a pick from a gourmet selection of teas such as chamomile, green, black, apple and cinnamon, Earl grey, mint, lemon, oolong, Darjeeling, orange zest and jasmine tea each morning. You can choose from nutty, moist, dry, woody and earthy flavors. No need to have the same tea each day. Buy loose sachets of all types of Teas. Wake up in the morning, watch the sunrise and think of which flavor you are in the mood of and pour out your cuppa.

2. Rich in antioxidants

Are you someone who thinks drinking wine is good because it has antioxidants? Forget wine, think Tea! Teas are rich in antioxidants such as ‘flavonoids’ and other nutrients which are beneficial to the heart. All the antioxidants present in it will stop the oxidation of cholesterols that can harm you, whilst increasing all the beneficial cholesterol in your body. There you have it – all-in-one! I have been told by tea experts that these elements also help in lowering and controlling blood pressure, lowering the risk of cancer and protecting you from blood clotting. While those tea experts comment, scientists are still trying to prove these last few claims.

3. Covering Vices

Many researchers claim that tea helps to eliminate the ill-effects of vices. It is said to reduce the effect of nicotine and other chemicals on the body. However, I’m told that these claims are still being verified. Yeah, before you even go down that lane, put that evil mind to rest and don’t use this as an excuse to smoke or drink.

4. Wakes you up and brings good mood

I feel very stressful when there’s too much work but my boss isn’t really going to understand that. Yeah, no surprises there. This used to frustrate me but I now have my secret weapon to battle it out. One deep breath of a hot and exotic flavored tea does wonders to my mood. I recommend you try it too. If red bull gives you wings, this will give you rocket boosters! This happens because tea has a direct stress relieving effect on the nervous system. Tea breaks can work like power naps – short but effective. My tip – keep sachets of different flavored teas in your drawer for a quick mood fix whenever you want.

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