25 Things You Should have Done by 25

Things You Should have Done by 25

By the time you turn 25, you are already fighting the battle between being dependent on your parents and being an independent responsible adult. You are also looking for stable jobs and relationships. Basically, the 20s is a phase where whatever decisions you take have a long-term effect on your future, and they shape your life as well as the way you think. These are also the years where you can experiment and make mistakes, because you probably won’t have a chance afterwards to do that. Here are some things that you should have definitely experienced by the time you turn 25.

1. Fallen in love at least once

It teaches you a lot about being generous and compassionate, and allows you to explore an unseen side of yours.

2. Experienced at least one heart break

That teaches you a lot about life and people. It could even mean a heart-break from a crush that could never be yours and not necessarily a broken relationship. But essentially, it’s vital to experience this kind of pain at least once by the time you turn 25.

3. Voted

This is a sign that you have turned into a responsible adult who is aware of her duties. You need to have an opinion and sense of judgment towards who should be running the country you are living in.

4. Gone to a music festival

You need to have a definitive taste in music, and should be well aware of other genres that exist. The best place to get this learning is in a music festival, where you also enjoy a lot of other things such as great company of friends and a lot of booze!

5. Donated blood

You should do this at least once before you turn 25 to either help someone in urgent need, or during one of those donation camps. There is nothing like saving someone’s life.

6. Done voluntary service

You should volunteer either at the Church, or at some NGO or some other place where extra hands are always welcome. This is your way of giving back to God and the society you live in.

7. Mastered one sport

Even if it means just plain badminton or lawn tennis, you should have a special favorite sport that you enjoy and are good at.

8. Learnt a musical instrument

Even if you are bad at catching rhythm and technique, you should at least attempt to learn and master your skills on one musical instrument of your choice.

9. Learnt a foreign language

Again, this requires a lot of patience in terms of mastering it. But you should have at least attempted once to learn a foreign language and should be able to speak some basic sentences in it.

10. Planned a surprise for someone

It could be a friend for whom you planned a surprise birthday party, or your parents for whom you planned a great welcome to your house. There’s a lot of joy in seeing your efforts pay off well.

11. Tried at least one adventure activity

It could be trekking or scuba diving or anything else. It’s ideally better if the activity helps you to fight any of your fears, such as that of height or water.

12. Been to a meditation camp

It’s a unique experience and one must try it at least once. You will learn a lot from it, and from the people who you will meet at the camp.

13. Travelled alone at least once

It gives you a sense of freedom and empowerment. If you cannot travel abroad, then you must at least travel alone once to a different city, preferably an unexplored or less explored destination.

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