5 Things to Look Forward to in the Upcoming Kimye Wedding

Things to Look Forward to in the Upcoming Kimye Wedding

It could probably be the wedding of the decade or the century, easily upstaging the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in one of the most extravagant wedding ceremonies ever with parties and pre wedding ceremonies happening all over Europe, especially France and Italy. Although the wedding happened in Florence, the Kardashian clan took over Paris by storm with the bachelorette party and other festivities. Kim is the most famous reality star ever and Kanye, one of the highly paid rappers and entrepreneur. With these two getting married, one cannot expect an ordinary wedding. The marriage proposal in itself was breathtaking and extravagant and the wedding definitely was not a letdown, if reports from the guests are to be believed. Although not much has been leaked about the wedding itself, here are some of the things that made the Kimye wedding special.

1. A bevy of celebrity guests

Being massive celebrities in their own rights, Kim and Kanye’s wedding list also included celebrities from various fields, including friends, rappers and others. The procession of cars carrying the wedding guests was enough to send shivers of anticipation among the onlookers. Although Jay Z was the rumored best man, the recent spat between Kim’s friend Rachel Roy and Beyonce’s sister is said to have prevented from the star couple from attending the wedding. Although Justin Bieber was also supposed to attend the wedding, he was absent as well.

2. Kim’s designer gown

There was a lot of speculation about what Kim was going to wear on her big day. Although many believed that she would wear something similar to what Kate wore for her wedding, it was ultimately a Givenchy gown that Kim went for. It cost a whooping $200,000 and had a lace back.

3. The extravagance

One cannot expect anything less from a couple whose middle name is Extravagant. They both are millionaires and did not spare anything to entertain their guests. The guest list included big names and they all were treated like royalty.

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