6 Free Things to Do in New York

6 Free Things to Do in New York

The city that never sleeps. A city with a thousand attractions. A city that is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. A fashion mecca, A city with some of the best sights and the best museums in the world, A photographers delight … New York City is all this and much more. New York is one of the most expensive places to live but it doesn’t mean that you have to blow your whole vacation budget on getting tickets to climb on the empire state building, or visiting the numerous museums or galleries or shopping. New York has equally exciting places to see and things to do for free and hre are some you can try.

1. Statue of Liberty

Unless you want to have a close look at the statue of liberty, a ferry ride around the statue is for free. Take the Staten Island ferry up and down and you can get great views of the statue of liberty and the New York coast for free. The ferry is also a great way to relax and take in the breeze once you are done with taking the pictures and posing.

2. Central Park

It is huge and it is totally free to walk around, jog, take a nap or just lie down or go for a romantic stroll. It will take you almost the whole day to do the entire stretch and catch up with all the free events happening on an almost every day basis. The strawberry fields and the Imagine mosaic where Lennon was shot down are added attractions. It is also a great place for people watching.

3. Governor’s Island

As with the statue of Liberty, the ferry to the governor’s island is free and unlike the statue of liberty, getting to the 172 acre park is also free. There are a lot of trails to walk around, biking paths, a picnic area and many military sites to take in.

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