7 Ways to Become a Better Writer

7 Ways to Become a Better Writer

Becoming a good writer will require you to have a good command over your language and be clear and precise in your thoughts. If you want to become a better writer and make your work enjoyable for everyone, take a few of these tips.

1. Read more to write better

One of the first rules to become a better writer is to be a good reader. Unless you are familiar with a range of writing techniques, writing styles and forms, you cannot show versatility in your own writing. Read novels, newspapers, journals and magazines to expose yourself to different aspects of writing. When you read what other people have written, you will be able to become a better judge of what you have written yourself.

2. Increase your vocabulary

One of the marks of a good writer is a good vocabulary. A good vocabulary does not only mean knowing fancy words, but using the right word at the right time to capture the right meaning. Refer to a dictionary and thesaurus every time you come across a difficult word. Use that word in different forms in your everyday life so that when you sit down to write, it comes to you naturally.

3. Proof read your work for punctuation and grammar mistakes

You can be called a good writer only if your work is free of silly errors which include incorrect punctuation or grammar. Your writing will appear to be amateurish to others if it is strewn with errors. The correct use of grammar forms the back bone of good writing. Before you post your writings online or share them with anyone, make sure that it is error free.

4. Understand your audience

Whether you are a professional writer or not, understanding your audience is critical. Your writing has to be directed and written for a specific audience. You can bring out the best of your writing skills only if you match the tone that your audience expects from you. For example, the tone to be used for children’s books is different from that used while writing poetry.

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