10 Reasons For Breakups

10 Reasons For Breakups

A relationship has to be tended to with extreme care and caution. If not cared for, the relationship would break and would result in the partners leaving each other for good. If you have had a breakup recently and want to analyze what probably went wrong in your relationship, here is a list of ten of the most common reasons for a breakup to occur. The reasons given below are also very important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

1. Infidelity

The reason that majority of people separate is infidelity. Infidelity is a situation when one of the partners loses interest in his/her better half and likes someone else. It is a phenomenon that has been going on for centuries and the reason that most breakups occur. Nothing would hurt a person more than a cheating partner and accepting someone who has been cheating becomes really difficult. Though some people do accept the situation and try hard to have a happy relationship, most people prefer to split as they have a strong feeling that if someone gets a taste of infidelity, they can never be trustworthy.

2. Inability To Have Babies

It is every couple’s desire to have their own children. Although the trend of adoption is fast catching up, it can never replace the joy of having your own biological descendant. Many a times a split occurs when even after trying a lot, a couple is unable to have children. It can bring in a lot of tension in the relationship ultimately resulting in cracks to form in the relationship. In the efforts to have a baby, the couple’s sex life may be affected. Consciously or unconsciously, all their actions in bed would lose the passion and would be directed towards just one motive thus making sex mechanical. A time may also come when one of the partners is blamed for the whole issue. Thus, breakup may occur when the couple is not able to have children together.

3. Boredom

Boredom in a relationship occurs when the relationship becomes predictable. A routine life with no romance, takes away the charm of any relationship. It is very essential to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Once boredom creeps in the relationship, it would probably give a chance for infidelity. Boredom occurs when both the partners are way too busy or way too ignorant about the fact that their relationship needs both time and effort. However, boredom may not kill a relationship directly, but may lead to the breakup happening as a result of one partner ending up straying his/her way from the relationship.

4. Frequent Conflicts

Another reason that people choose to split is when there is an occurrence of frequent conflicts in a relationship. Frequent arguments and fights cause tremendous mental stress to both the initiator and the victim. When tension levels are high in a relationship, there is no room for love. A couple’s tendency to fight all the time leads to endless nagging, saying hurtful things to each other, constantly trying to prove the other one wrong and other such things. If both the partners are hot tempered, this situation is almost inevitable. It is not denying the fact that the resulting emotion after a fight is always pain and hurt.

5. Independence

There are some people who love independence and who also believe that they do not need to get any guidance, support or help from any body. If one partner in a relationship is like that, you may conclude that the chances of such a relationship breaking up are high.

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