10 Things You Must Know About Autism

Things You Must Know About Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the development of the brain, which eventually hampers the communication and interaction skills of a person. Many people have a lot of wrong ideas about autism, and believe in myths and superstitions related to the disorder. Here are some things that everyone must know about autism to get a little more clarity on it.

1. Autism is a disorder, not a disease

Autism is not a disease that is contagious. It is not something that spreads from person to person, and is not a kind of bodily illness that is triggered by eating something wrong or because you are under some evil spell. It is a disorder that occurs at birth or during early developmental years.

2. Autism is curable

The belief that autism is incurable is no longer true. There are various treatments and programs available these days that help autistic patients to improve their skills and start living a comfortable life. Only the extent of the cure depends from person to person.

3. Autistic people are capable of family life

Many children and adults can cope up well with their characteristics or autistic traits and appear normal. Some can take up regular jobs, understand and maintain relations, take up personal responsibilities, and have families.

4. All autistic people are not the same

No two children or adults can be alike. So each person’s needs will be different from the other, and each person or caretaker handling or coping up with such children or adults will have different experiences and different approaches to quote. There will be no “right way” or “best way” to sort out a problem. It will always have to be customized and handled as per the case.

5. Autistic people have special abilities

People with autism may not be normal in all aspects of their daily routine, but they surprise us with their special abilities. One could be extraordinarily good at playing a certain instrument, another could be gifted with remembering numbers, yet another may have a memory like an elephant and so on. It is important to go beyond what is physically visible and understand their strengths.

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