7 Reasons Why Boyfriends Come And Go, But Friends Are Forever

7 Reasons Why Boyfriends Come And Go, But Friends Are Forever

Best friend or boyfriend, you should never have to choose. Both are necessary for a healthy social life. But while your boyfriends may be in and out of your life, best friends are there to stay forever. Let’s see if you agree with the reasons below in favor of best friends.

1. You can’t go shopping with your boyfriend

Well, not always. Your best friend would understand completely why you have to go check out every store even if you don’t buy anything. Boyfriends are not that patient, right?

2. You can’t share all your secrets with your guy

Being in a relationship, it’s natural for you to share things and be honest to each other. But let’s face it, not everything can be told to your boyfriend. Some problems are best solved by best friends!

3. You don’t have to fuss about your looks

The one person that you don’t have to worry about impressing is your best friend. They wouldn’t mind if you come down to meet them in your pajamas or with your hair looking like they haven’t been brushed at all!

4. A best friend relates more to you

She is more likely to understand your girly issues than your boyfriend as she has to go through the same things.

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