8 Things to Do On Your First Day In Office

8 Things to Do On Your First Day In Office

Your first day in a new office comes along with a lot of anxiety, apprehension and nervousness. Firstly, you have to adapt yourself to a new place, meet new people and also make sure you perform well so that you always stay in the good books of your superiors. Projecting yourself well on the very first day is of utmost importance, if you have to create a place for yourself in a new office. So, how do you go about it? Read the tips mentioned here.

1. Hide your nervousness

The first and foremost thing that you need to do on the first day is to conceal your nervousness. When you appear nervous, you appear disoriented and it may be taken wrongly by the people who are interacting with you. Hence, whenever you have to step into an office on the first day, make sure you leave behind all the nervousness at the entrance.

2. Always wear a smile

One of the best ways to hide your nervousness and portray yourself as an interesting personality is to smile all through the while. Also, make sure your smile is genuine and not for the sake of it. When you smile, you are assumed to be a pleasant person and people will come forward to make friends with you and will try to make you comfortable in the new surroundings.

3. Be interested

Your first day in a new office may include a training session or a coworker may acquaint you with the job and the responsibilities that you have to handle. He/she may also introduce you to your new team members/coworkers. When that is on, make sure you show your interest. If you feel sleepy during the training or show you’re bored to meet new people, you might create the wrong first impression.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

On your first day in a new office, you will have to encounter too many new experiences and people. That will make you feel nervous or low. To add to that, if you wear clothes that are uncomfortable or revealing, it’ll only make you feel conscious all the time. This will also reduce your focus and give out the wrong signals to your trainer/superior.

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