8 Things to Know If You have Dry Skin

8 Things to Know If You have Dry Skin

If you have a scaly, flaky, and an itchy skin, you must give it special care and nourishment. Your cleansing routine, food habits, and weather changes have a direct effect on your skin. So, if you have a dry skin, here a few things that you might want to make a note of.

1. Cleanse it regularly

If you have dry skin, it is very important to cleanse it regularly. Be gentle and patient. Choose your cleanser carefully so that it does not take away the natural oils of the skin. For exfoliation, you can use natural products like pumpkin, yogurt, and papaya.

2. Apply honey

Those with dry skin often face problems like chapped lips, cracked heels, and rough elbows. You can apply some organic honey to help the cause.

3. Limit your bathing time

Spending a lot of time under the shower will make your skin even drier. So, limit your bathing time. Also, instead of a hot shower, opt for lukewarm water.

4. Moisturize

It is extremely important to keep your skin moisturized. After you take a bath, apply a moisturizer while your skin is still moist. This will help in locking in the moisture. A mild application of baby oil can also do wonders. Also, if you opt for a moisturizer that has an SPF, it would also protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

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