6 Reasons Why Makeup Is Bad

6 Reasons Why Makeup Is Bad

1. Makeup has chemicals

You want your slightly chubby cheeks to appear thin and so you apply makeup and voila! You get the look that might as well be the cover face of Vogue. But is that look worth getting all those chemicals on your face? Your skin tends to absorb whatever is put on it. So naturally, chemicals from the makeup that you so carefully apply each morning seep in and harm your skin, eventually.

2. Natural looks good too

What’s the harm in going to office looking natural? A clean face, a bit of moisturizer if necessary and that should be it. Applying makeup once in a while will make you look different from usual. But do this on a daily basis and it will lose the charm. And well, it’s not like you’ll be a social outcast if you don’t wear makeup.

3. Makeup is expensive

Have you ever thought how much of your earning goes into buying expensive branded products? Rather than spending a mini fortune on makeup and cosmetics, you can spare some money and time on fitness or yoga classes. Achieve the same effect as makeup does, without harming your body in any way.

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  1. Guest says:

    Water is a chemical and may be toxic in large amounts. Wearing cosmetics with SPF is more beneficial for your skin than going bare. You may also find decent quqlity.brands are safe. And affordable..find.decent quality brands are

  2. Water is a chemical that is toxic in large amounts. Cosmetics with SPF ingredients are more beneficial to skin than a bare face. You may find quality brands at good prices. Plus, who is to say that makeup wearers are not fitness conscious?

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