9 Hairstyles to Sport this Summer

9 Hairstyles to Sport this Summer

Whether you have short hair or long hair, we have a great hairdo for you to sport this summer. Have a look at the list of hairstyles that are sure to set you apart from the crowd.

1. Sleek perfection

An ideal style for those with short hair, this one is the sleek perfection. What you need to do is part your hair on the side and then simply scrape with your fingers. This will give you a sexy and laidback look.

2. Loose braid

There is something essentially romantic about a loose braid. You can sport a casual look by braiding around the head. Do not worry about some wisps falling out. You can tie them with a ribbon.

3. Topknot

This is a sort of experiment that you can do with the topknot. Just bring it down to the base of your neck. This way, by simply pulling it down to just about 5-6 inches, you can transform the topknot to give you a chic look.

4. Loose waves

Let your long hair do the talking for you! Do not rely completely on the blow dryer. Just twist your long damp hair and make a bun. Air dry the bun and release it. You will rock the look with loose waves.

5. Goddess braid

Do not fret this summer if you have long hair. You can go for goddess braids by braiding a section of your hair by the ear. Then pin this section around your head to look like a crown. To give it a modern touch, you may place the plait some inches back from your face.

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