12 Things to Do When You are Feeling Lonely

Things to Do When You are Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely is perhaps the worst of situations you can be in. Loneliness can drive you to many odds and also make you feel depressed. So, here are some things you can do when you are feeling lonely.

1. Tell yourself, it’s a phase

Everyone gets lonely at different points of time. So, it is not just you. It is a phase and you will come out of it. Calm yourself down saying these words.

2. Divert yourself

Divert your time and energy into more productive purposes. Don’t let the situation swallow you and let you brood in it. Don’t allow loneliness to step into your life in the first place. When you realize you might get lonely, try your hand in activities that can perk you up especially ones that involve a group.

3. Get a pet

Getting a pet is a wonderful idea. Sometimes, animals can shower you with more love, affection and gratitude than fellow human beings. They will always stick with you and not let go off you most times even if you want them to. They may not talk but their touches, sounds, hugs and silence can talk a million words and heal even a broken heart.

4. Call/meet a long lost friend

Calling or meeting helps. It could be a long lost friend or someone you turn to when you are depressed, family or someone who will be happy to receive a call from you. Take the effort to initiate a conversation or get into one without thinking twice to put away the thought of feeling lonely.

5. Ask your family for support

What are families for if they don’t stand by you when you need them the most? Your family is perhaps the most trusted people you can turn to when you would like some company. Your parents and grandparents can offer support even when they don’t consciously do it.

6. Watch your favorite movie

Watching your favorite movie when you are by yourself is the best way to actually watch a movie uninterrupted. So, instead of craving for company, divert your thoughts to a movie you have watched long ago or a movie you have always yearned to watch.

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