14 Things to Know About Willard Scott Who Married at 80

Things to Know About Willard Scott Who Married at 80

Who is Willard Scott and how did he become the most searched celebrity overnight? Are these questions coming to your mind every now and then? Well, let us tell you.
Willard Scott is a television and media personality popular as a weatherman on NBC’s morning news show ‘Today’. But more importantly, he became popular as the creator cum original portrayer of Ronald McDonald. But the more recent incident a couple of days ago surpasses his preceding popularity. The man is 80 and married his long time girlfriend Paris Keena. Here are some interesting things to know about Willard Scott who married at 80.

1. Willard Scott is claimed to be the creator and original portrayer of Ronald McDonald. The man was a celebrated clown in his younger years and portrayed the Hamburger-Happy Clown way back in 1963. But there have been reports that Willard was fired eventually by McDonald (that supposedly denies the reports) for being too fat to be Ronald.

2. Scott has been with the ‘Today’ show for over 3 decades. Although, he turned over his weatherman role to Al Roker in 1996, Scott has been with the show to send happy birthday wishes to centenarians.

3. Scott and Keena have known each other for 11 years and finally decided to exchange vows when Scott turned 80. Willard was once married but his first wife Mary died in 2002 after the couple celebrated 43 years of togetherness.

4. The couple’s long voyage of love may have culminated in marriage on April Fool’s Day in 2014 but their bonding is no joke.

5. For 2 years, Scott served in the U.S. Navy and this was between 1956 and 1958.

6. Through the 1960’s, Scott played several characters for children including the famous Commander Retro and Bozo, the Clown.

7. Scott is also a popular author and co-author of at least 7 fiction and non-fiction books. The most popular of them is “The Joy of Living”.

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