5 Things You didn’t Know About Santa Claus

5 Things You didn't Know About Santa Claus

Santa Claus is probably the only figure who will be recognized universally. There are millions of kids around the world who wait eagerly for him every Christmas for the gifts that he brings. We all know him as the jolly good fellow who knows about all the mistakes that kids make and as someone who goes down the chimney to place the gifts exactly under the Christmas tree. Although he had been popular for many years than we care to count, there are so many things about Santa that we do not know about. Here are a few facts about Santa that most of us do not know.

1. The image of Santa Claus was a creation of Coca cola

His red suit was actually designed and created by Coca Cola for their advertising campaign in the early 20th century. It is sad though to think that this jolly old man was actually a commercial creation and not out of some mythology.

2. Santa is not from the North pole

The original St. Nicholas who Santa was modeled after was not from the North Pole, but from turkey. His bones are entombed in Italy though. Maybe North Pole sounded more exotic and Christmassy than turkey.

3. Basis of the Chimney route

The basis of the Chimney route of bringing gifts to kids started out with St. Nicholas throwing a bag of gold coins though the window of a poor family. The idea of stealthily bringing gifts has endured on and lives in the imaginations of kids throughout the world.

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