6 Questions To Ask On The First Date

6 Questions To Ask On The First Date

Getting ready to go on a first date? Confused about what to ask? Well, a lot of people are insecure and always worry about the questions they ask. Questions asked might just land you another date or a ruined evening. Though the couple would have communicated earlier through cell phones or social networking sites, it is a whole new ball game when talking face to face. There are a lot of things one would love to know about their date but interrogation is not the idea. The questions must be socially acceptable for a first date. Here are a few questions to can ask on the first date.

1.How are you doing today?
This is a safe, simple and warm start to break the ice.

2.Where are you from and who make up the family?
Get to know your date better. Talking about something close and comfortable should get the date going good.

3.What are your interests and hobbies?
Getting to know each other’s interests and differences makes you know each other better.

4.What do you look for in a partner?
Now get to know why you are with this date and you will have a slight clue if you have a chance to land another date with the person. Exchanging ideas on the ideal partner spices up your date.

5.What do you want from a relationship? Or Did you have any previous relationships?
Knowing your date’s past experiences and reasons why their previous date broke up with them will give a good idea on what this person is expecting from you.

6.What do you think of me?
Put this question in once you tell your date about yourself. Be honest and tell your date what you expect out of a partner and from a relationship. Be honest and do not fake yourself. This also gives you your date’s opinion of yourself and if you think your date has misunderstood you, explain yourself to your date.

These questions are the most important and usually decide the outcome of your date. Whatever the result in the end, you walk back with a new friend and some good memories.

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