8 Facts about J K Rowling

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Joanne Rowling, more popularly known as J.K Rowling is the woman behind your favorite wizard world – Hogwarts! She is a British novelist who has penned down the very famous and best-selling fantasy series of all time, the Harry Potter series. The books have given her worldwide attention, and she has won multiple awards for writing the same. Besides, all the seven parts of this series are made into successful films that have broken major box-office records.

Her journey as an author has been quite inspiring, as she had to sacrifice a lot to become such a famous and celebrated author all around the globe. She is the perfect example of the “rags to riches” phrase. Today, at 47, she is considered to be one of the most powerful celebrities by the Forbes magazine. Here are some interesting facts about this amazing author.

1. J.K Rowling had to give away a lot of things to get the position that she is in today. Rowling was working as a Researcher and Bilingual Secretary for Amnesty International before becoming an author. She left this job and was unemployed for a long time, surviving through the State benefits. But after 5 years of her life-changing decision, she went on to become a multi-millionaire with the Harry Potter series.

2. It is said that brilliant ideas can emerge in the weirdest of places and time. This is what happened with Rowling. She conceived the idea of Harry Potter and his world while being stuck on a delayed train from Manchester to London, in the year 1990. She was extremely determined about it and started writing the story, and rest, as you know is history!

3. Rowling graduated with top honors in English, French and German from a public school, and later went to study French in Exeter University. This had already sowed the seeds of a writer in her. She was almost 6 years old when she wrote her first story ‘Rabbit’. Later, she tried her hand at writing a novel for adults, but couldn’t quite complete it, before she picked up her magic wand and started writing the Harry Potter series.

4. Great characters are born from great personal stories and experiences. Rowling’s work was so inspiring that there was no doubt about the fact that her work would be well appreciated by the critics and the masses. However, very few people know that she was diagnosed with clinical depression at one point of time in her life. This factor gave birth to the ‘Dementors’ in the Potter series. She also suffers from insomnia, because of her workaholic nature.

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