3 Great Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

3 Great Valentine's Day Makeup Tips

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you must be looking for the best possible ways to make yourself appealing and attractive. Applying appropriate makeup is quite important in this case, and so here we provide you with some cool Valentine’s Day makeup tips.

1. A soft romantic makeup

We think pink is a good color that will make you look soft and romantic. Pink is one color that will suit most skin tones perfectly. Pink eye shadows and pink lipstick will give you that magical look. Also, light blush and eyeliner can be used to accentuate your looks further. Plaited hair is a good hairstyle idea. Pink hair clips can also be used, if they suit your face and hair.

2. A sexy seductive makeup

If you would prefer to look sexy and seductive, you need to choose colors that are bright and dashing. Chocolate or maroon color on the lips can surely do the trick for you. Ensure that you choose the correct lip liner and lip gloss to go with the lipstick color. Use lip gloss generously and ensure that you touch up your makeup every now and then. Using false eyelashes and drawing strong bold eyeliner lines can help you appear sexy too. For cheeks, use pink or red tone. Straight open hair is probably the best hair style in this case.

3. A lovely submissive makeup

If you would rather prefer to appear subtle and soft on Valentine’s Day, stay away from bold colors. Concentrate on applying enough eye shadows around the corner of your eyes. Keep the eye shadow low on other areas. If you like, a bit of eye shadow can also be applied under the eyes. This will give you a smokey look. Choose a color that goes with your dress color. Lips can take a bit of deep ruby lip color, or if you prefer, go for lighter shades. You can probably complete your look with a simple pony tail.

Just experiment with your looks this Valentine’s day and enjoy yourself! No matter which style you choose, set your heart free and ensure that you have lots of love within while celebrating the day.

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