Guide To Shampoos. Find Out Which Is The Best For You

Guide To Shampoos. Find Out Which Is Best For You

Do you find picking the right shampoo difficult and confusing? Well, you are not the only one. Every girl faces the same problem at some point in her life. Let’s face it; everyone has a different hair type which requires different intensity of cleansing. A shampoo works by removing dirt, dust and other foreign substances. When rinsed, it also strips the hair of its natural oil coating. There are various types of shampoos available in the market these days for different types of hair and hair related issues like dandruff, hair loss, dry hair or scalp repair. Shampoos can be generally classified as “cleansers” or a “combination of cleansers and conditioners”. Before we go any further, it is very important for you to analyze your hair type and if you have any hair/scalp related issues.

Oily Hair

Do you get an oily feel every time you run fingers through your hair? Is your hair very fine, or limp? If you said ‘yes’ to these questions, your hair is predominantly oily. This situation is less worrisome and is the easiest to deal with. Use a mild shampoo and concentrate on washing not only scalp but the hair also. Frequent washing is okay. If you want to add body and volume to your fine hair, try using dry shampoos available as sprays or powder in between washes.

Curly or Coarse Hair

If you have curly or coarse hair, it usually means that your hair is more dry than usual. To replenish the moisture level and treat this situation, select a moisturizing shampoo which will infuse your hair with moisture. You might also want to look for products which contain jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut and macadamia nut oil for added nourishment. You’d also need shampoos which trap moisture from inside your hair. You may want to top this off with a moisturizing conditioner to give your hair the royal treatment it deserves.
Tip – Do not forget that any shampoo will strip oils from your hair. For drier hair, avoid frequent shampooing; rather rinse hair, if necessary.

Damaged or Dry Hair

Do you have damaged and extra dry hair? If yes, skip the normal clear shampoos & opt for pearlized ones. These shampoos are rich in vitamins and have a cream base. Typically with dry and damaged hair, the problem is frizzy and dry hair with many strands and splits. These creamy shampoos will smoothen the frizz and tangled hair and also infuse a lot of moisture.

Colored or Processed Hair

Many girls get their hair colored or processed with chemicals to give them that extra jazz and glamor. Are you one of them? In that case, you must be aware of the fact that when you tamper with your natural hair, you are required to give extra attention to your hair. This will ensure that in the long run, your hair is well nourished, stays healthy and vibrant. You must opt for shampoos made specifically for these purposes. Such shampoos should be rich in moisturizers and proteins and should not have sulfated castor oils which may strip color. You may want to look for products that have antioxidants like Vitamin E or UV filters which prevent premature color fading and also protect against sun damage. Even ingredients like jojoba oil generate smoother hair.
Tip – If you have a tricky combination of colored hair and a dandruff issue, look for a specialty shampoo that contains pyrithione zinc to combat those annoying flakes.

Selecting the right shampoo is all about knowing yourself better, and figuring out your hair type and the reaction of your hair when exposed to different substances. This is because shampoos can do a world of damage, if chosen wrong. You need not be a hair expert to find out which shampoo is best for you. Ever wondered why some people always seem to have great hair days? Simple, because they know their hair!

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