Is Foundation A Must For Makeup?

Foundations, primers and concealers are not a recent phenomenon. In the Grecian times, they would use white lead powder, chalk and creams to lighten their skin tone, which was usually used by the high society women. It’s just that fashion and awareness of using makeup essentials have percolated through all strata of society now and, hence, foundations are fortunately found and recommended just about anywhere. A foundation is a woman’s must-have these days, along with her cell phone, lip balm and drivers’ license. It’s an essential part of the makeup process. Why so? Read below and find out.

Unifies skin color

Foundation is an essential part of the process as it prepares the skin for makeup. It enhances skin complexion by creating a uniform color. A good foundation helps in giving your skin a smoother surface by filling up skin pores and absorbing the excess oil from the facial skin. If you have spots and scars over your skin, the application of foundation can unify texture, tone and skin shade throughout your face. It can further effectively bury blemishes, pigmented skin and dark circles under the eyes. In short, it can make up for all your late night parties!

Provides a coverage to suit skin type

Foundation colors are available in a range of warm, neutral and cool colors. Various coverages are also available such as sheer, light, medium, and full coverage. Coverage basically means the opacity of the makeup and the amount of skin it will conceal. Sheer is a transparent foundation and contains the least amount of pigment. It may not conceal shade variants on skin but it can reduce contrast between the discoloration and the rest of the skin shade. A light coverage foundation takes care of unevenness and blotchiness, but this doesn’t look after freckles. On the other hand, a medium coverage foundation covers freckles, discolorations and blotches along with red marks left by acne. A full coverage foundation is opaque and translucent and is especially used to cover birthmarks, extreme pigmentation and other scars. It is popularly also known as “corrective” or “camouflage” makeup. If used correctly, these coverages can dramatically change the makeup you apply.

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