10 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga

10 Interesting Facts About Lady Gaga

There are thousands of new singers that are launched every year and just as many others that even get very successful in the show business. Then what makes Lady Gaga any different. Why it is that she is not only adored rather revered across the globe? The simple answer is that she was “Born this way”. Well it’s not really a surprise that she was a musical genius and a diamond in the rough in her yesteryears. But still it was not as simple as that. She has had her ups and lows too before she got where she got. So here are a few interesting Lady Gaga facts you would want to know.

1. She started her romance with music at the bare age of just four. As it is rightly said, “morning shows the day”. It didn’t take her long to prove herself to the world that she was indeed a music prodigy. By the time she was 13, she had successfully written her first ballad.

2. Some are born great and some achieve greatness. Having attended the same school like celebrities Paris Hilton, she never felt dwarfed.

3. Her real name was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Then why is she known as Lady Gaga? This is courtesy to her radio manager who gave her this name while referring to her song “Radio Ga Ga”.

4. Lady Gaga originally started by anonymously writing songs for other artists. But then she started writing her own music. Today she even produces some of her own songs.

5. Famous all across the globe for her unconventional style, it’s not her weird makeup or out of the world dresses that make her so popular amongst her fans. Recently while speaking at a management conglomerate, she said that the fact that she believes in herself is what she wants her fans to know and follow.

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