The Effects of Violent Video Games On Kids

The Effects of Violent Video Games On Kids

In a previous generation, children addicted to video games were called geeks. These days, computer games and video games are so popular and common that those who are not watching video games are considered geeks.

Still, some children get more addicted to video games than others. They forget other things and get glued to their play stations or computer monitors. Nothing would distract them from their games.

There are many theories on the addiction of video games in children. Some say it is good for children, some others say it is bad. The problem with these theories is that such theorizing involves blatant generalization. Some theories might be true in case of some kids. Some other theories might be correct in case of other children. Anyways, it is better to have a basic understanding of these theories.

Imitation Theory

The basic concept is that children ape what they see. If they are addicted to a shooting game, they tend to use guns in real life too. They do it repeatedly enough with the mouse and joy stick. So, they find it easy to do it in real life if situation arises.

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