45 Things that Make You Happy for Free

45 Things that Make You Happy for Free

Happiness is defined as a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions. In today’s fast and modern life, everything has become so mechanical. Most of us live dull and monotonous lives which eventually leads to depression. It’s important to keep yourself happy to survive tough times. Hence, we’ve brought to you a list of things that make you happy.

1. Playing football in the rain

2. Listening to old hits on your iPod

3. Going out for a coffee with your best friend

4. Logging on to Facebook and flirting with strangers

5. Watching a season of “The Big Bang Theory”

6. Watching a movie you used to love as a child

7. Catching up with an old friend

8. Baking something yummy

7. Taking up a hobby such as photography

8. Reading funny jokes online

9. Spending some time with family

10. Having a fun time with a group of close friends

11. Trying to make an upset friend happy

12. Meditating

13. Singing while taking a shower

14. Listening to Jazz

15. Forgiving someone who hurt you in the past

16. Reading a romantic novel

17. Exploring the neighborhood with a close friend

18. Trying to be positive even in tough times

19. Volunteering for community work

20. Playing with your pet

21. Making a sketch of a scenic location

22. Working out as you listen to music

23. Trying to learn something new everyday

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