6 Signs that He Really Misses You

6 Signs that He Really Misses You

When you care about someone, it’s really important to know if that person also needs you and cares for you, and when you’re not around, misses you. When it’s one of your family members or friends, it’s not difficult to get together, sooner or later. But when it comes to the “special” someone, and you’re not sure whether he misses you, it can lead to missing heartbeats and sleepless nights. Here are signs which indicate he really misses you.

1. Miss call theory

This is the age of instant communication and you’re bound to have been calling each other. So, if someday you’re busy and don’t call him, he’ll certainly try calling you several times, because he’s missing you. Your miss call register will tell you that. If there exists a never ending list of missed calls, then you can be sure that he misses you. Also, try giving him a miss call, and see if he calls back. If he’s missing you, he will call back immediately.

2. E-mail overflow

The email is another way of getting across faster, much faster than scented love-letters sent in earlier days which took days to reach. If he knows your email address, he will send you an email daily. If you get 2-3 emails a day, then he surely misses you.

3. Let Facebook lead the way

If he floods your Facebook inbox with messages, or pokes you more than often, then he sure misses you, and is trying to grab your attention by liking or commenting every random thing posted by you.

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