Top 5 Ways To Curb Food Cravings

Top 5 Ways To Curb Food Cravings

Don’t you wish you had a magical switch that you could simply turn off or turn on to resist food cravings? Let’s stop dreaming and face the reality that food cravings are extremely hard to resist. However, there are little changes that you can make in your lifestyle to fight these hunger pangs. Read on for top 5 tips that will teach you how to resist food cravings.

1. Eat smaller, eat often

If your meal plan revolves around two large meals of a lunch and dinner, you may get food cravings in the time between these two meals. You can resist food cravings by having three smaller meals during the day instead of two large meals. This way, the time between two meals is reduced. You will not have food cravings because your stomach will be relatively fuller than what you would experience if you have a larger gap between meals.

2. Find your food craving triggers

Food cravings can happen due to many triggers, based on your individual circumstances. But some common food craving triggers are lack of sleep, stress, environment or simply habits. What is triggering your food craving? If you are turning to food when you are stressed out, your real enemy is stress, and not your food craving. To resist food cravings, we suggest that you sit down with a clear head and analyze the conditions that are the real triggers of your food cravings.

3. Keep a nutritional plan

The whole idea of having a nutritional plan is to be reminded that you have a certain goal in terms of calories and your nutrient intake everyday. A healthy nutritional plan is all about healthy eating habits and knowing what kind of foods you should stay away from. To resist food cravings, we are not asking you to count each and every KJ of a calorie and fat intake in your food item, but broadly monitor your consumption pattern and develop a healthy eating habit. The more conscious and aware you become about your eating pattern, the higher are your chances of resisting food cravings.

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