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5 Gift Ideas for Cancer Men 0

5 Gift Ideas for Cancer Men

A man born under the cancer sign has very strong attachment to his family. He would go to any lengths for his family and loved ones. A cancer man is also very emotional and...

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10 Ultimate Geek Cakes You Would Love To Eat

Cakes with Super Mario, Pacman, Batman and more such themes. Don’t they look too good to eat? Check some awesome cakes we found on the net. 1.Batman pinterest.com 2.Godzilla cakecentral.com 3.Iron man kickasskakes.wordpress.com 4.Lego...

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5 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Everyone celebrates birthdays by cutting birthday cakes, blowing candles and throwing parties. But very few people decide to stand up for a cause on their birthday or indulge in charitable acts. If your benevolent...

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8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in June

For all those people who celebrate their birthday in the month of June, here are some fun facts. Check them out. 1. The origin June was originally called Junius in honor of the Roman...

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8 Qualities of June Born People

People differ a lot depending on which month they are born as it determines their characteristic traits and virtues. So here are some such qualities of June born people. 1. Good communicators People born...

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6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Boss’ Birthday

What would be a better occasion to thank your boss for his support, encouragement and motivation than his birthday? You can plan your boss’ birthday in many fun ways. This would bring the employees...

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7 Interesting Birthday Rituals Around the World

Birthdays are always fun and full of celebration, be it anywhere in the world. We all know about the routine cake cutting, candle blowing, and partying ritual of birthdays, but every part of the...

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5 Best Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Whenever you go for a party, wedding or any occasion, the first thing you think about is,”what I should gift the host.” It has to be thoughtful, not cliche, and something that the person...