6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Boss’ Birthday

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Boss' Birthday

What would be a better occasion to thank your boss for his support, encouragement and motivation than his birthday? You can plan your boss’ birthday in many fun ways. This would bring the employees closer to their boss and it would be a good way to bond. Here are 6 fun ways to celebrate your boss’ birthday.

1. Organize a party at the office

Pre-plan a surprise with all your colleagues; be present in office a little early and wait for your boss to come. Arrange for a grand cake and present it right when he enters. Also arrange for snacks and have a small party together.

2. Make plans for a lunch get together

Make lunch reservations at a nearby restaurant. Take your boss along with all colleagues and spend a good time. Talk, laugh and have fun. It is a good way to bond and have good relations with your boss. It will be a nice change and a fun thing to do for your boss’ birthday.

3. Make movie plans

Arrange for movie tickets and together employees and boss should go and catch a nice fun flick. It would be a nice informal way to spend time with your boss. It will bring you much closer and also improve your work relationship.

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