8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in June

8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in June

For all those people who celebrate their birthday in the month of June, here are some fun facts. Check them out.

1. The origin

June was originally called Junius in honor of the Roman goddess Juno and was the fourth month of the Roman calendar. It was only after the Gregorian calendar came into prevalence that it became the sixth month.

2. Star sign

People born in the month of June come under either Gemini and Cancer, based on whether their birthday is on/before June 21 or later.

3. Birth flower

Rose is the birth flower for the month of June. It comes in different hues and each of them signifies different things including love, friendship, gratitude and more.

4. Birth stone

Pearl and moonstone are the birthstones for June. Pearl is a widely used jewel and its white color stands for purity, innocence and concentration. Moonstone is also of a pristine white hue and signifies tranquility, hope and love.

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