5 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

5 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Everyone celebrates birthdays by cutting birthday cakes, blowing candles and throwing parties. But very few people decide to stand up for a cause on their birthday or indulge in charitable acts. If your benevolent side is getting the better of you, here are a few ideas to celebrate your birthday in a charitable way.

1. Volunteer at a charitable organization for a day

If you want to do something kind on the occasion of your birthday, it is not necessary to shell out cash to help someone. You can also make a donation by investing your time and energy with a charitable organization. Give voluntary services to charities who may be seeking help with their administration or core operations. You can also donate your skills by teaching underprivileged kids a specific activity or by helping students learn specific techniques at school.

2. Sponsor education for a child

Sponsoring education for a child can be a very satisfying way to celebrate your birthday. Knowing that your donation can change the life of another person can bring you immense happiness on your birthday. You can either sponsor an underprivileged or orphaned child’s education for a few years or buy tools or books that will help a child to learn more. Most charitable organizations may also give you a progress report of the child which will help you track how useful your resources have been and feel happy.

3. Rescue an injured animal or pay for animal welfare

If you are an animal lover, donating to an animal welfare charity can be a good way for you to celebrate your birthday with kindness. Rescue any stray or injured animal that you encounter on the street on your birthday. If you don’t come across such an injured animal, go to an animal shelter and pay for medical supplies or vaccinations for pets that have been abandoned or animals that have been injured. You will feel happy if you can change an animal’s life on your birthday.

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