21 Things to Do on Your 21st Birthday

21 Things to Do on Your 21st Birthday

You are 21, and you are now legally allowed to do a lot of things! This means that you can have a lot of fun, and you also have to be responsible about a lot of things now. But responsibility and all the seriousness of life can begin after your birthday celebrations are over. For now, you must only focus on what all you can do to make your 21st birthday super special.Here are 21 things to do on your 21st birthday, which will totally make it memorable for you.

1. Go on a holiday

There is never a better excuse than your birthday to go for a holiday. Take your besties along and have the time of your life. Go to your favorite destination, or choose one that you haven’t explored before.

2. Go bar hopping

Now that you are legal enough to enter bars and drink on your actual IDs, why not make the best use of that and check out different pubs and bars in the city? Get drunk, of course!

3. Buy yourself 21 gifts

As we grow older, friends sometimes start to focus more on the party you will throw rather than the gifts you want. Well, of course, your besties won’t do that, but then the extended friend circle sometimes doesn’t give gifts. Don’t bother about them and simply go and buy yourself 21 birthday gifts for your own happiness.

4. Go camping

Ever cut a birthday cake under a starry sky in the middle of nowhere or on a lakeside or hillside? Your 21st birthday is the best occasion to do this.

5. Kiss 21 people

Dare yourself to be this crazy and see if you can actually pull this off! It’s a good crazy little thing to do before you turn all mature and serious about life. At least you’ll have a cool story to tell your kids or share with your friends later on.

6. Unfriend 21 people

You’re growing up and you really don’t need to put up with people you dislike or are just entertaining on your social media accounts because of obligations or stupid reasons. Unfriend people who you know you’re never going to get along with and don’t need in your life.

7. Remind 21 people to wish you

There will be people who have missed out on your birthday. Call up 21 such people and make them feel guilty for having forgotten your birthday and not wishing you. Expect some sudden surprise gifts as those guilty people try to overcompensate!

8. Make 21 strangers wish you

If you have reminded people you know about wishing you, then you might as well go and tell 21 random people or strangers, ‘Hey! It’s my birthday! Wish me!’ and take their wishes! Of course, you’re the star that day so nobody will refuse, but see if you can take the challenge and come out of your comfort zone.

9. Try 21 new dishes

Remember all those times you went to restaurants and saw things on the menu that were new to you but you always thought you’d try them later? Well, now make sure that you try 21 different and new dishes on your birthday and increase your knowledge of food and dishes from various cuisines.

10. 21 Drinks

Shots, beers, martinis, rum, whisky or all of them mixed together! Take whatever you like but enjoy 21 happy drinks on your birthday, and enjoy it to the fullest. Make sure someone is clicking pictures and making videos of you!

11. Donate to 21 people

If you are turning older, you’ve also got to be a little more sensitive and responsible in life. Donate a certain amount to 21 people and make them happy on your happy day. It could be that guitar player across the road, or that little girl doing acrobatic stunts to collect money for her studies. Look for 21 such people and do some good to them.

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