5 Steps to Check for Breast Lumps

Steps to Check for Breast Lumps

Breast cancer affects a lot of women and it could be quite scary when it comes as news completely out of the blue. If you have had a family history of breast cancer, had your menstrual periods before you turned twelve or having weight issues after your menopause, you may want to check yourself for traces of breast cancer. Self-examinations are the best way to detect any abnormal changes in your breasts and it can be done in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom. As you grow older, especially if you have crossed your 40’s, you should do these checks on a regular basis. Here are the steps to check for breast lumps. Also remember that not all lumps are cancerous and that any abnormalities should be checked with your physician.

1. Stand in front of the mirror and look at your breasts with your shoulders straight and hands on your hips

Keep turning if you have to and check for any discoloration on the breasts or the nipples. You can also feel your breasts to see if there are any lumps that were not there earlier. Do it one after the other and do it slowly.

2. Lift up your arms and do the same thing

Notice to see if there are any problems with the nipples, if they are inverted or of they have changed position. If you notice anyc, you should take yourself to your physician immediately.

3. In the same position, feel your breasts to see if you can feel any bulge

If you feel like the flesh on your breasts is clumped up or bulging or of you feel sore in any part, you may want to get it checked with your physician. Not all lumps will be cancerous, but it is always better to get yourself checked.

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