5 Steps to Check for Breast Lumps

4. Lie down and check your breasts both sideways and the undersides of the breasts

Many leave out the undersides of the breasts, especially when they are heavy and big. But this is also an important region and you can do this either when you are standing up in front of the mirror or lying down.

5. Feel your breasts when you are either sitting or standing

Whatever position you are comfortable with should be good enough for feeling for lumps. A lot of women prefer checking when they are in the shower. If you are comfortable with this, you can follow this too.

Self-examination of your breasts is the first and the easiest step to look for any signs of breast cancer. There are no set instructions on how you should check for them. Take a comfortable position and make sure you have a pattern that lets you cover the whole of your breasts. Take clear note of what you feel and go to a physician as you as you note that something is wrong or different. Even if you think you are paranoid, there is always nothing wrong in getting yourself checked.

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