How to Deal With An Addict In The Family?

How to Deal With An Addict In The Family?

Addiction is harmful as well as painful; harmful for the person who is the addict, and painful for those who love him/her. Dealing with an addict requires perseverance, faith, understanding, and a huge amount of patience. But only with the complete and undying support of family and closed ones can an addict recover completely. Is a family member of yours an addict? Do you wish to know how to deal with an addict? Take some tips from here.

1. Make the addict feel loved

Constantly, but not in an overwhelming way, tell the addict that you love him/her, with or without the problem. That you care, and that his/her addiction hurts you. That you believe in him/her, and his/her ability to cope up with the problem. By getting him/her to understand that addiction is indeed a problem and needs to be taken care of, and that you are on his/her side can you get the addict to want to get rid of the addiction.

2. Consult with the doctor

Chalk out a plan about dealing with the problem. Discuss everything that you have on your mind. Take care of details like exits from the house, medicines in the bathroom cabinet, the possibility of fits, the kind of diet and exercise, if there is a need for some special precautions or a lockdown. You can successfully help in overcoming addiction if you take care of all the nuances.

3. Be vigilant

Addicts are known to lie extremely well. In the initial phase, they will do anything to make you believe they have changed just so that you let your guard down and they go back to enjoying their poison. Not until the doctor testifies that treatment has been successful should you trust the addict. It is only for his/her good that you are a little strict. But do not become excessively vigilant.

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