19 Signs He is not in Love With You Anymore

Signs He is not in Love With You Anymore

Staying in a loveless relationship is the worst of all evils. You might find it difficult to go through a turbulence of emotions when you know your boyfriend is no longer in love with you and both mutually part ways. But that is better than wanting to stay committed in a relationship where the person you love does not reciprocate his feelings to you. The earlier you know it, the quicker you can come out of it. So, here are the obvious signs he is not in love with you anymore.

1. He no longer wants or takes an effort to make things better between the two of you.

2. He gets into an argument or makes his displeasure felt every time it is just the two of you.

3. He insists you to change into someone you inherently aren’t and is quite emphatic about it.

4. The moments of physical attraction are slowly declining in him. He is not so interested in you as much as he was even a few months or weeks ago.

5. He is easily angered by whatever you say or do. These may even be things that he enjoyed in you a few months earlier.

6. He shows a lack of interest in going out with you and prefers to be in the company of other people or women almost all the time.

7. He has suddenly begun to ask for space in your relationship. He wants to do things by himself and does not desire your intervention.

8. He ceaselessly compares you with other women who could be female friends or coworkers. He finds a compulsive need to compare every trait or action of yours to theirs to show what you do or say does not make him happy.

9. He neither answers nor returns your calls with the pace he used to. He may delay his response time, putting it away because that is not his priority anymore.

10. He no longer says ‘I love you’. He has almost forgotten to hug or kiss you briefly. Moments of intimacy are diverted into phases of irritation and neglect.

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