5 Most Reputed Fashion Weeks In The World

5 Most Reputed Fashion Weeks In The World

Come spring, fall, summer or autumn, we’re forever glued to our TV sets catching up on fashion weeks. Are you? How else were we to keep up with changing trends in the world of fashion? Well, we have a few special fashion weeks we really love. Take a look at our top 5.

1. Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Brazil

Considering this fashion week happens in the swimsuit capital of the world, what more can we say? Not only is it at par with other prestigious fashion shows of the world, SPFW also showcases some of the best bikini collections across the globe. Rosa Cha, anyone?

2. Milan Fashion Week, Italy

Expect grandeur, rising temperatures and high end fashionistas at Milan. All the Italian greats like D & G, Prada, Armani, Gucci and Fendi descend in their homeland to showcase the best of cutting-edge fashion. They set trends and the world follows.

3. Tokyo Fashion Week, Japan

We consider this fashion week to be super important because it represents fashion from a different side of the world. Do you know what is great about this fashion week? Every year they promote upcoming talent. Ladies, Japan has given us some of the best young designers. All thanks to TFW!

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