7 Signs Your Work Life is Affecting Your Health

7 Signs Your Work Life is Affecting Your Health

Work is important, but definitely not at the cost of your health. Many a time, women ignore their health due to work related stress. Ignoring health because of work can cause trouble in the long run. Listed below are some signs that your work life is affecting your health, read on.

1. Sleep disorders

It is important to maintain a normal work life balance. Set a definite time frame for work. Working at odd hours can cause sleeping disorders. If possible, do not work at home. All the official work should be done in the office only. This will ensure a normal sleeping pattern. Working at odd hours can also cause stress.

2. Exhaustion

Work life imbalance can cause exhaustion. Working for prolonged hours can cause physical and mental exhaustion in most cases. It is important to work for definite hours. Working all the time can cause stress. And, stress causes physical burnout.

3. Negative thinking

Working for long hours can also cause inefficiency. Inefficiency can cause loss of productivity. You might be physically present in the office, but might not be able to give hundred percent to your work. Long working hours can also cause negative thinking.

4. Stress

Work life imbalance can trigger the condition of stress. Meeting of deadlines and working at odd hours can result in mental stress. Mental stress can cause physical problems in the body. To relieve stress, it is important to set fixed hours for working. Practise some stress relief tricks to maintain your health.

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