7 Tips to Get Along With Your Elder Brother

7 Tips to Get Along With Your Elder Brother

Do you look up to your elder brother for everything in life? Are you scared of your elder brother? Well, getting along with your elder brother is not a tough job. Read on for tips to find out yourself.

1. Respect him

Respect him, as he is elder to you. Most of us take our siblings for granted. There is absolutely no respect for elder or younger siblings. It is important to respect your elder brother and know his worth. He will surely appreciate your feelings.

2. Do not shout

There are times, when you just wish to shout at your brother. The reason could be any. But, your elder brother might not feel good about this. Shouting at your younger brother is fine, because you are teaching him something. Shouting or screaming at your elder brother is not right. Instead, confront him in a polite way. He would not feel bad about this.

3. Do not ignore him

He is not small; do keep in mind this fact. If anything is bugging you, then go and confront him directly. Do not ignore him; he might feel bad about your behavior. Elder brothers have a protective streak in them. So, ignoring your brother will surely hurt him. Talk to him directly to end the fight if any.

4. Take his help

What are elder brothers for? Ask for his help whenever you need it. He is your sibling, so keep your ego out of the way. Ask him to help in your homework or studies. If you ask him politely, he will be more than willing to help you out. This will also help to develop a great sibling bond.

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