Top 13 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Top 13 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Do you feel anxious when you have to go for an interview or make a presentation at your high school? Do little things get the best out of you and leave you fatigued and mentally exhausted? Then it’s quite possible that you are suffering from anxiety disorder. This disorder can affect a particular situation in a person’s life or may even cripple that person’s life. It may also lead to stress and depression. We have come up with easy ways to deal with anxiety. Check them out right away.

1. Track the cause of worry

The first and foremost step towards dealing with anxiety is to find out what is causing anxiety. You can only see an interview or a speech before hundreds as the ones triggering your anxiety. But the cause is even more deep. Find that out. Are you worried because you will do a flop show in front of the interviewer or you will have a choked throat during the presentation? Find the precise cause and you’ll soon get answers.

2. Journalize every thing that you notice

Observe your pattern of getting anxious and the reasons behind it. As you observe all of this, keep writing down all of these instances in your journal for further reference. The solution to your problem lies in your observation and the contents of this journal.

3. Rate the causes of anxiety

Now that you have written every observation in your journal, skim through it. Rate each and every cause of your anxiety on a scale of 1-10 wherein 10 stands for the least possibility of your fear actually taking place in your life and 1 being the maximum chances of your fear transforming into an experience. To illustrate, your fear of the interviewer kicking you out of his office will surely stand at number 10. When you rate all your fears, you will notice that hardly any of your fears reaches position number 1. This will make your attitude a little more rational and as days pass, you will get rid of all your anxiety.

4. Create a plan of action

Once you rate your fears, you will know which ones might actually happen in your life. Once you get a hang of that, you can create a plan of action to tackle them. For example, if you’re scared that you would stutter during the presentation, rote learn your speech so there are no chances of you faltering during the presentation. Once you go for one presentation with total confidence, there’s no stopping for you in future.

5. Bind yourself to the present

Many a times, it has been observed that people get anxious because they think of the future and feel stressed about it. For example, if you give a wrong answer during your interview, make sure your mind doesn’t create its own tales of your failure and the interviewer scolding at you or whatever. Instead, focus on the interviewer. Stick to the present. Tell yourself, I’ve to give my best for this interview and I will. Don’t bother about consequences. It will add to your anxiety.

6. Talk to a loved one

If your fear about something is making you anxious, talk to your loved one about it. Say, if you are worried about your interviewer, tell your boyfriend about it. He might console you. Who knows, he might also have a solution.

7. Cut down on caffeine

Coffee and alcohol tend to excite your brain and act as stimulants. Hence, there are chances that your anxiety might heighten. Hence, avoid them altogether if you are basically an anxious person or are experiencing frequent episodes of anxiety.

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