5 Signs You are the Abuser in Your Relationship

Signs You are the Abuser in Your Relationship

Being in an abusive relationship is a very unfortunate thing. What starts as a beautiful and promising connection breaks down when one partner starts showing signs of abuse. Are you the abuser in your relationship? If you have observed yourself doing any of the things listed below, chances are that you are jeopardizing your relationship.

1. You constantly criticize your partner

If you are constantly finding faults and criticizing him, it is a clear sign of danger. Examine yourself if you are using language as a tool to make him feel down and worthless. Listen to your own internal talk about your partner. What you think of him will translate into words and actions.

2. You are extremely possessive

If you get jealous and angry every time you find your partner talking to a member of the opposite sex or having a nice time with his family/friends, you are being too possessive. If you ask your partner to not meet his friends and relatives and instead spend all their time with you, it is not a good sign. Trying to control your partner is almost always the beginning of an abusive relationship.

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3. You can never take ‘no’ for an answer

Abusers will never allow their partners to do things their way. Also, they will never back down until their partners agree to follow what they have demanded. Do you always end up getting your way whether it is through sulking, forcing or fighting? Also, if you are trying to coerce or guilt your partner into something for which he is not yet ready, this is a sign of abuse.

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