5 Super Reasons to Eat more Dark Chocolate

 Super Reasons to Eat more Dark Chocolate

While we definitely don’t need any reason to indulge in dark chocolate, studies show that people indulging in it stand to benefit in several ways. For dark chocolate, the bitter it is the better. It comes loaded with several beneficial ingredients, which make it a good food for your body. Here are 5 super reasons to eat more dark chocolate.

1. It helps to reduce mood swings

Dark chocolate comprises serotonin, which helps to increase the production of endorphin. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), the chemical that the brain creates when you are in love. No wonder chocolate is a mood lifter. It acts as an anti-depressant and is helpful for someone who suffers from mood swings and depression. It also helps ease PMS issues in women.

2. It is excellent for your heart

Research has revealed that eating small amounts of dark chocolate a couple of times a week helps to lower your blood pressure. It enhances blood flow and prevents the occurrence of blood clots. Studies have shown that it can prevent arteriosclerosis. It also helps to bring down the risk of stroke.

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3. It slows down signs of aging

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, which help to get rid of the harmful free radicals from your body. It helps to slow down the signs of aging. Free radicals may lead to cancer so consuming antioxidant-rich food items such as dark chocolate protects your body from several types of cancer.

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